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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally!  The party pictures are here (with details below)!

My friend Wendy and I planned this pretty celebration for her daughter's 15th birthday.  After an evening of brainstorming, we settled on a subtle color scheme of grays and pinks.  And we decided to make the entire party one big photo shoot.  What 15 year-old doesn't want her picture taken?  Did somebody say "F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K photo-op"?  Ha!

Wendy made elegant party hats.

Parisian macarons made by me; scrumptious cupcakes made by Wendy.


The birthday girl. 


My favorite photo progression! 


They decorated the birthday girl.

Lexington - the dog - had to be a part of this one.

Glittery numbers and all dressed up.

Lexington with antlers.

The party's over!

Here are details:

- for dinner, we served plain cheese pizza, BUT to make it special, served a variety of toppings in silver  and glass dishes
- for dessert, we served homemade cupcakes and Parisian macarons, which was on display throughout the day
- pink lemonade in glass bottles
- pink and red candy in pretty bowls

- homemade happy birthday banner (like my glittery birthday numbers)
- homemade party hats
- lots of light pink, magenta, silver and white balloons
- tons of confetti
- pink, white and gray fabric hanging as backdrop
- homemade paper flower garland
- ribbon from Hagerstown, MD ribbon factory

- all we had planned was dinner and the photo shoot (we asked the girls to bring an assortment of outfits, all in the gray//pink family)!

- party hats
- antlers
- homemade canvas flags
- scarves
- rain boots
- hair accessories
- fabric balls
- large cardboard swizzle stick decorated with ribbon


till tomorrow,


All photos by Rebecca Beach for A Daily Something, except above photo by Robert Thomas.

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  1. Hi Rebecca! I'm back from my hols :) This looks such a great party & I'm so impressed by the homemade macarons xoxo

  2. These pictures are all wonderful! What a great theme! And the macarons and cupcakes look really delicious!

    I really enjoyed you blog! It's adorable :)

  3. LOVE the dogs collar! You look beautiful Rebecca.. as always :)

  4. oooh! the party looked like so much fun! you and wendy did a great job planning and decorating!

  5. What a gorgeous party! Love it and the antler photo booth, you are brilliant.

  6. Wow, you did SUCH and amazing job! I love the color scheme. So you ACTUALLY made the macaroons? I've heard they are super time consuming to make. Good for you!

    - Sarah

  7. Beautiful! I think I'm going to have a dress code for my next party, everyone looks so pretty!

  8. Such an awesome birthday party! You guys did a wonderful job!

  9. it so turned out perfect :) love the party hats.

  10. Amazing job Rebecca! Love the pictures! And I'm going to try to do the dancing GIF!


  11. That looks like a blast! What a gorgeous, sweet party! You are so creative in your planning, and everything turned out just perfect!

  12. Oh Rebecca, this is amazing! Great photos and looks so fun! You are definitely headed in the right direction : ) Love this!

  13. the one of the dog with antlers is worthy of a frame on the wall! and the one of you should be in a magazine - you're beautiful! i bet every one of those 15 year olds had a dream come true to model for the day. thank you for mentioning the cheese pizza - a good reminder that you can do simple along with fancy!

  14. VERY CUTE PARTY!! I love the HATS!! Would love for you to share the DIY tutorial on my blog for the HATS! Thanks for stopping by "Be Inspired"! Your blog is lovely!


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