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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Here are some tidbits of life lately, as seen through my instagram. Apparently I like to take pictures of food. Or, maybe eating is all I do these days.

For some reason, it's been easier for me to transition back to instagram than to transition back to blogging. With most of my belongings (props, craft supplies, clothes, etc.) still back in NJ, I've been struggling to find inspiration. I've also been resisting the urge to go out and buy everything I need to "start" blogging again since I have it all in NJ.

So for now, I'm slowly easing back into the blogging world. And wow, there's lots of catching up (and pinning) to be done!

1//a new obsession: loose leaf tea (and I couldn't resist picking up this copper kettle for $4)
2//I eat a pint of tomatoes every day
3//stroopwafels from Amsterdam; a gift from our friend Jayce
4//inspired by Jen, peanut butter+honey toast is a new breakfast treat
5//grapefruit is so tasty this time of year

photos by me via instagram, edited with vsco cam.

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  1. Oh, how instagram just always captures our little things in life to their best! :)

  2. such beautiful photos. i kinda wish i could sit a table with these goodies right about now enjoying my morning. :)

  3. Such lovely photos, instagram is the only reason why I want an iPhone.


  4. these are so pretty! maybe it's easier to instagram food because your meals are just so lovely!

  5. great pieces:)Ilove stroopwafels on this photo;)

  6. I always enjoy your photos. Stroop waffles sound interesting.

  7. These are amazing photos for instagram! Love it.

  8. So simple, that true, but these photos are so lovely! Love how you capture life...uuhm, food :) Hugs!

  9. I couldn't believe you took those photos with Instagram. You make them so gorgeous just with little ordinary things in life


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