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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So I've been on a concrete kick lately...there's no hiding this fact! Thanks to my lovely readers, I now know the difference between concrete and cement. Cement is the powdery substance that turns into concrete when mixed with water and it hardens. Wahoo!!

Concrete is a fantastic material, and I always feel like a craftsman when I'm working with it...

This DIY shows how to make a lovely concrete bowl (and a heavy one!!). To make your own, gather these supplies:
- Water
- Flexible rubbery bucket (Walmart - $5) 
- Plastic bowl (for shaping inside of bowl) (Walmart - $2)
- Canola oil and paper towel
- Gloves (I used rubbery garden gloves, which cleaned off very easily)
- Container for mixing (I used an old wheel barrow)
- Stir stick
- Scoop
- 60 lb bag cement mix (Lowes - $3)

Then follow these 8 steps:
1. Prepare a gallon of water - you'll use it in a bit.
2. Canola oil time! Using the paper towel, coat inside of rubbery bucket with canola oil. Coat inside and outside of plastic bowl with canola oil. This step ensures easy removal from the molds at the end!!
3. Put on your gloves. 
4. Dump bag of cement powder into wheel barrow.

5. Following the directions on your bag of cement, slowly add water. (Be careful that you don't dump too much water)
6. Begin mixing. Add more water as needed. 
7. Once you have a workable consistency, scoop mixture into your flexible bucket until you have several inches of concrete.
8. Then place the plastic bowl in the center of the bucket and fill with more of the mixture. Work the plastic bowl into the concrete already in the bucket. The weight of the concrete in the bowl will help create the indentation. 

All that's left is allowing your bowl to dry completely! Make sure it's drying on a level surface!

Enjoy your new concrete bowl. It will make a gorgeous centerpiece for inside or outside!  

till tomorrow,

P.S. I'm off to NM this week!!! So excited ... I've never been there before! Anything I should pack?!

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  1. This looks so good, like something you could buy at a great home store. Love the idea.

    Stay in the Lines

  2. Looks great! I havent tried out concrete yet, but I have made some stuff with gypsum. It is really easy - and I believe, not as messy as concrete. Perhaps not as sturdy and durable, but ok for some products, like this tealight candle holders I made, if you want to check them out:

  3. You're going to NM too???? You're killin' me here... kiss the wild horses for me please!

  4. love so much your idea I will try to do one!
    it`s easy to take the plastic bowl off when the concrete is dry?

  5. Such an awesome idea, thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Wow thats such a great idea! It would look lovely on a patio :)

  7. LOVE the concrete bowl! One important thing to remember about working with cement is that after you have poured it into your mold, tap the edges around the mold with something like a hammer handle or something like it for about 5 minutes. What that does is help burp the bubbles out of your cement and it makes for a smoother finished product. Also, always make sure you wear gloves and glasses too as cement is harmful to your skin. Check out the items that I have made with cement too on my blog at (IE: cement candle holders from Nyquil bottles, or a candle holder from a perfume box, and cement candle holder from a latex glove!) Be creative, the possibilities are endless!

  8. Wow! I would've never thought to try this! This is really cool. Props to you!

  9. I'm doing this tomorrow!


  10. I can think of some great uses for this!! You are so clever!! Thanks Rebecca! Have fun in NM!

  11. Great DIY! It came out really amazing! Well done!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  12. has a daily something been kidnapped by instagram?? i miss it...

  13. OMG, I love these kinda heavy bowls, they make amazing decor for veranda. Lots of flowers floating in water...
    Amazing DIY, I shall def try this out :)

  14. It might be a good idea for some of those out there to say DON'T eat out of this or serve food out of this. You just never know who's going to get that idea for a cool bowl... just sayin'

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  16. hi, I want to do this but I wanted to know - does it need to be *canola* oil specifically?


  17. That's not the difference between cement and concrete. That's like saying the difference between flour and bread is that flour is dry and bread is flour that has been mixed with water. You're correct that cement is the powdery substance, usually Portland Cement is used and it's the hardening agent in concrete. Concrete is a mixture of gravel, sand, cement, and other compounds depending on the intended purpose of the concrete. If you nix the gravel, then you have mortar. Other combinations have other specific names.

  18. You can also use concrete stain to get a unique old look to it. Red,orange and brown are awesome when you spray them on.

  19. Hi, you explained the topic very well. for more details something like visit tealight holders wholesale get more informations.

  20. thought this would be an interesting project but the pics are not helpful to me because it looks as though you have just covered an existing plastic bowl with concrete. wish you would have shown how you did the BOWL mold and how you removed the plastic bowl.... have a hard time believing this one..

  21. I'm confused about why you put concrete inside the inner bowl. Did you make a second container? If it is just for weight, wouldn't rocks or bricks or something equally heavy do the trick without wasting all that wonderful cement? What does the outside look like? Does it mimic the bowl? I have got to try this, but I think I will use 2 bowls of different sizes. I know canola oil works, but just fyi, so does safflower oil, wd40, and Pam. I love the thickness of the bowl itself, it will look really nice on my deck filled with succulents.


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