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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If you're like me and didn't plan ahead for Valentine's Day, this string valentine is perfect. It was inspired by an excerpt from a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning...except my valentine is more "why I love thee" rather than "how." :)

Try it for anyone still on your valentine list (mine's for Joe)! It won't take long - maybe an hour. 

I used simple crafting supplies from around the house -- kraft paper, white card stock, assorted tags, markers, scissors, mini clothespins, assorted string/yarn, white electrical and gold duct tape, and a favorite new book - this Rifle Paper Co sticker + label book from Anthropologie. Anything similar to these supplies would work. The beauty of the string valentine is variety.

Once you have a table full of beautiful supplies, it's time to get creative. Using various shapes and sizes of paper and tags (if you have them), write down all the reasons you love your valentine (I'm sure you will run out of supplies, like I did) ;) The reasons can be romantic, funny, sarcastic, an inside joke, whatever you want! Then decorate with stickers, ribbon, etc.

Early tomorrow morning, before your valentine wakes up, tape a piece of string to a wall/the fridge/anywhere they'll see, and attach your reasons with clothespins (or mini binder clips). Be creative! Then just wait for them to be surprised by your string of valentines. (Next year I want to to a jumbo version of this string - how fun would that be?!)


p.s. you also still have time to make these watercolor valentines, or bake these sweet linzer cookies or chocolate cupcakes.

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  1. Love this, doll! And I love that you're coming back to the blog world! We've been missing you bunches. (Not that you had anything important to do, or anything...) ;)

  2. This is so cute!! Such a great idea. I love your new layout!

    Welcome back:)


  3. 1. LOVE your new blog design
    2. I wish i saw this sooner! It would've been so fun to do with the hubs:)

  4. Such a cute idea! Love all the different shapes and textures.

  5. Rebeca, it's been too long. And thank you for such a simple and cute idea. I always get creatives block when it comes to DIY stuff like this.

  6. Hi Rebecca, Very cute.

    May I ask where you got the gold duct tape, and round little tags?

    1. Of course! The gold duct tape is from Michaels (but you can find it at Target, and maybe even Walmart), and the tags are actually split ring key tags...I found mind at a yard sale, but believe you can find them at office supply stores or even Costco:,-Card-StockMetal,-1-14%22-Diameter,-50ct-AVE-11025.product.11132986.html


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