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Monday, April 8, 2013

Welcome to Lauren and Rachel from Sweet Root Village for our April collaboration! For this month, we wanted to share various ideas for vases and containers for your flowers. Unique arrangements can be very easily put together by simply thinking outside-the-box for your vase or vessel.

Pot, urn, jar, jug, bucket, box, drawer, kitchen accessory, etc. Place your fresh blooms in almost anything around your home, collected from grandma's attic, a yard sale, or a favorite thrift shop! As you're Spring Cleaning and cleaning out basements, attics and closest, think about how you might use an unusual container for your next gorgeous grouping of blossoms.

Tea pots and kettles make great vessels for a variety of flowers, whether gathered large as a bundle or just a few sprigs of fresh herbs.

Bottles! All shapes and sizes can hold a single stem or many wily flowers or greens with a mind of their own. Try unexpected color groupings or many of the same color but different shapes.

Vintage Bread Tin. These make great candle holders, junk catch-alls, or a DIY centerpiece with just a few handfuls of river rocks and some sturdy blooms!

Beakers, Tea Tins, Sewing Drawers, and vintage glassware also make for beautiful accents for your flowers! Experiment and go hunting in your garage for treasures!

Next time you have a bundle of fresh flowers, herbs, greens, etc., think about how you might utilize a unique container to display your grouping. You probably have several fresh, new options for vases, just lying around your house!

Floral Design // Sweet Root Village for A Daily Something
Photography // Sweet Root Village for A Daily Something
Creative Direction and Styling // Rebecca Gallop

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  1. love these suggestion..Thanks


  2. I love the pictures! They are so pretty, simple, and classy. :) I especially love the blue tin with round yellow blooms.

  3. These are gorgeous, I would love to get some of the floral prints for my wall!

  4. Very cool. What a neat collaboration =) I kinda chuckled when I saw the Georgia O'Keeffe book lol

  5. Gosh! These photos are gorgeous Lauren and Rachel. I love using alternative vessels as vases for fresh flowers too...hadn't thought of using a vintage bread tin. Genius.

  6. I really love billy balls. They're kind of perfect.


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