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Thursday, May 2, 2013

 When hosting a gathering of friends, I love when the guests leave with a little something to take home. I always want these little gifts to be affordable & intentional, to be part of the decorations, and to be useful for my friends. 

For our recent Mother's Day brunch, I decided to give each guest a gift of fresh thyme for their kitchens. Something that would add color and a layer to the gathering's tabletop, that guests would take home to tend and care for, and that would be a constant reminder of the friendships made and good times had.

I had lots of little IKEA clay planters leftover from my sister's wedding six years ago that I'd been saving. I really love the color and shape of these planters, since they're not your traditional orange terracotta planter. 

To make your own favors, simply collect some planters, visit your local nursery and purchase lots of fresh thyme (or any fresh flowers or herbs), and just re-plant in your containers. Just drop a few small rocks in the bottom of the planter, fill with soil and add the thyme. Then give them a good drink of water. Be sure to allow time for the dirt to dry a bit before giving them to your guests.

 For the markers, I was tempted to purchase chunky pre-made wooden markers at a vintage shop in Leesburg, but they were too expensive. So, I improvised and cut a popsicle stick in half, wrote "thyme" in simple script using a pencil, and stuck it in the dirt.

 For our brunch, I placed a planter full of thyme on each guest's plate, with a strip of burlap underneath. And when everyone had started eating, the herb was simply placed to the side, and continued to be a fragrant, beautiful part of our brunch.

These little planted herbs would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift - maybe replant an entire herb garden for mom? Or give her a few of her favorite fresh flowers?

Photography by Sweet Root Village for A Daily Something
Photo #2 taken with my iPhone

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  1. Hi Rebecca!
    I also love when guests can take a little something home. I love the natural and earthy vibe of the table, that piece of burlap is the perfect touch. Thanks a bunch for sharing, it's a great idea for mother's day. Xo, Elba
    live colorful

  2. That's an awesome little gift idea! Both for guests or a hostess.


  3. These are soo cute! In the first pictures I imagined that they were larger, but I adore their petite size. Giving plants has always been on my agenda, but I love the idea of filling them with little herbs. Definitely going to try this, thank you!


  4. love the idea!

  5. Great gift idea! And using popsicle sticks for the markers suits the 'organic look' perfectly. :-)

  6. this is what we did for my bridal shower :) everyone loved them!


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